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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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katrina struck the gulf coast, fema bought 145,000 trailers to house victims displaced by the storms, now, one of those trailers has found a new home with the hartford county sheriff's office. >> we paid $1,250 for this particular unit through the government and we are able to make it into a school project. >> >> reporter: more than three dozen students transform the trailer in a mobile classroom to reach out to children throughout the county. whether it is gun safety, trick- or-treat bags. they are shown the human side of law enforcement. >> they go inside, meet deputies, friendly face, see things, talk a little bit about drugs, >> the converted trailer is one of many creative tools.
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jessie has drawn upon to produce a drop in crime here unlike any other in the state. the county's total crime rate just dropped to the lowest level since maryland first began to compile the numbers back in the mid-70s. by taking a crime prevention method to kids in the backyard, there is hope the trend will continue. >> most of the students, by the time they leave here, they are smiling, happy, laughing. >> in hartford county, jeff hager, abc "2 news." >> sheriff's deputies take mobile crime prevention trailer into neighborhoods in the wake of violent crimes or shootings to relieve some of the tension there. >> >> baltimore county police looking for more potential victims of a man accused of having sexual relationships with underage boys.
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police say 22-year-old brandon used a fake facebook profile to make county with two under age boys, one 13, the other 14. >> is >> pools of water on the floor and old packing equipment at one colorado farm are likely to blame for the lysteria breakout. >> >> and schools were closed today near a wild animal park in eastern ohio after dozens of animals were released. authorities believe the owner of the animals set the animals free before taking his own life. bears, tigers, lions among the dangerous animals released. >> >> the latest on the horrible p arrested a fourth person in connection with the case of mentally disabled people locked in the base machine.
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mcinterbase arrest happened the day after police in florida found 10 young people being kept in the basement who police believe may be related to the victims. police are running tests trying to identify them. >> >> the search for lisa, the missing 11-year-old kansas city baby continues with a return to the parents home, investigators with shovels, et cetera, wasted no time getting started after a search warrant was issued the baby vanished more than two weeks ago. her parents say she was abducted from the crib in the middle of the night. >> >> a nine-year-old boy is back home -- searchers from seven agencies scoured the area -- set to begin a second stage where he was found at a neighbor's home.
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apparently, he was sleeping under sleeping underneath his bed. >> >> a train site for drivers on a rhode island bridge. how a cow ended up stuck in traffic. .
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around the nation a 9-1-1 dispatcher in arizona and an emergency call -- the caller a nine-year-old girl called because her parents were fighting and she was scared. a neighbor also ended up calling after seeing the couple run outside. >> your mom and dad are having a big fight? >> yeah, they won't stop. they are yelling at each other an they are killing themselves >> they are killing themselves? >> they are killing each other. my mom has a knife >> when police got there. they found the girl in the home and both parents are small cuts and bruises. police arrested both of them
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for domestic violence. the girl's mother said she thought her daughter over reacted. but police said she did the right thing by calling. >> is >> people in south florida picking up the pieces after a tornado touched down last night fashion at weather night -- >> and a cow in a truck heading to a slaughterhouse in rhode island said "no way. forget it, i'm breaking out" ended up wandering around the bridge. traffic was brought to a stand still. police caught up with the cow who they ended up having to put him down because he was injured during the escape. >> >> tonight, we are thinking pink again in honor of breast cancer awareness month. how one woman's experience with breast cancer is helping to change the lives of her patient. >> a are mitch more lively debate last night as republican
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presidential candidates squared off in las vegas. who is licking their wounds, today? . woman: we love ordering sushi, but it was getting expensive. teen: have you seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? teen: they're fish, they live in a bowl. anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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at harbor hospital, the care that we give -- . >> the best i have ever had the pleasure of working withent >> this is truly my passion. .
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>> these patients are dealing with things you cannot imagine. not only physically, but emotionally. >> i have had my mammograms 10 months before when i felt a lump. this did not feel cystic. it fell like a malignancy. i wanted to be with the people that i knew and the ones that i knew not only cared about me, but cared for me. i went through the system of picking out my physicians >> i had no doubt of her prognosis that she would survive that. >> it reminded me of the care of every single one of our
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patients >> that harbor has. . >> anybody who is receiving chemotherapy for any types of cancer, in words of support, courage, you can do this, i've been there, i made it -- >> you have to see -- you don't get a good diagnoses without getting a test. i not only worked for harbor hospital, but i live it and it saves my life. and make sure you join us on friday, starting at 1078 am.
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abc "2 news." we are going to be talking to doctors and other medical experts and they are going to be taking your calls, answering your questions. >> >> you know the big race coming up this sunday. join me, jaime and the rest we are going to be live out there from 7:00 to 9:00 am as we partner -- raising money for research, trying to find a cure for this disease. this year's 5k race and one mile walk, sunday, october 23rd. actually, if you are there. you want to watch our live coverage, check it out, we will be streaming live on our mobile site this year. . a little rain not so bad in town, but look at that, crow cloud decks, you can see the tops of the buildings here ab secured. it will be murky out here for the rest, winds are east at 12.
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it's a cool easterly wind coming in right now. take a look as we time lapse the last six hours in baltimore, nothing but rain and just kind of yuck, cloudy, ugly weather in the state capitol today. this is our view from the naval academy and we have basically a very similar deal here. look at those breezes, whipping the trees, a little foggy at times, rain and kind of ugly out there. radar, the rain, right now, generally on the eastern shore just north of shyster chester town and cecilton. we have some rain. some of the rain in the southern part of the city, a little pit of shower activity coming up out of the south. in southern county earlier and even more rain out to the west. temperature wise, though, not so bad. mid-to upper 60s, not exactly a frigid rain, but there is rain cooling going on, winds have been around the 10-15-mile per
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hour mark. much higher tomorrow, much windier day as the storm blows out of here and high pressure comes in behind it. it's going to -- and to the west, now, tremendous rain, flooding conditions in ohio as the center of the storm really puts it down in that direction. we are far enough east, getting scattered waves of rain. there is very heavy rain off shore, but that is not into the eastern part of the state. satellite and radar picture, center of the circulation, making it out of here, right over kentucky and indiana. the heaviest rain from the north to the south, right over ohio, but hit and miss showers, the storm, itself, will continue to push east. warm air trying to nudge in over the eastern shore. that could spark thundershowers as the warm air edges into the cooler air. overall, a cool pattern and a wet one and a windy often one on the way tomorrow. when do we see the last of the
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showers. here at 5:00, you can see maryland looks dry, so morning commute, wet roads, we shouldn't see much new rain. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy scenario tomorrow afternoon. friday looks like a clearing trend, fair weather clouds around. better weather and less windy day by friday, but, again, thundershowers will be a windy one. 55, showers and breezy overnight. isolated thunderstorm will be in the mix. tomorrow, your guaranteed temperature, 65, sun and clouds, strong winds, 20-30. that's going to blow around a lot of stuff out there. 46 tomorrow night, cloudy, just not as windy, drier weather on tap for the weekend that's what we like to hear as we take pink into the weekend. temperatures will be running into the low 60s for high temperatures, but early sunday morning, we are probably talking closer to 50 degrees or so. nice and dry, high winds of tomorrow, should be done by then. >> let's take a picture of the forecast and keep it that way.
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>> >> let's talk about politics, right now. >> > last night's republican debate saw some tense moments. there with all of the action, joining us from las vegas. things got a little heated last night? >> things got very heated last night, kelly, in fact, we are trying to come up with a word to describe what happened and i guess you would go through that, if a lot of people here in las vegas are talking about what happened, specifically goes back and forth. >> gop candidates came to las vegas ready to get their hands dirty >> you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you
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stand here before us and talk about you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrasy >> >> before the one-on-one's, there were the gangups on herman cane's 9-9-9 tax plan. >> it will raise more revenue. mitt romny's record on health care. >> just don't have credibility when it comes to repealing obama care. your plan was the basis of obama care. >> and rick perry's immigration program with illegals. >> one thing is clear, this debate left us with plenty to talk about. judge there were some sour grapes. after the debate. herman cane said the other candidates were getting on his last nerves and he plans to go
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on the attack during next debate. >> >> what's the consensus. who are the pundits saying won this debate? >> all right, kelly, there is really no consensus. it depending on who you talked to today. i think you will find out a little more in the polls. for what it's worth, sara palin believes newt gingrich actually won the debate, saying he was cool, calm and collected, unlike some of the other candidates let's go to jam >> . >> >> all-new, the battle against cancer. how early detective gave one local mother an advantage over what became a difficult battle. >> >> you ever see the reaction kids have to bubbles? how bubbles lit up the lives of special kids, what a story
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coming up. >> >> i'm jaime costello, those stories, all coming up new for you at 6:00. >> >> here's a preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30 coming up on world news, it could be the nation's best kept secret. a place with thousands of new jobs. where is that? we'll take you to the boomtown here tonight on world news. . bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy starĀ® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places. 3-way cfls really click with my style. go to participating retailers for bge's instant discounts on select cfls. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at
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markets closing down. most recent earnings report show lower numbers than expected. dow jones industrial average 72, nasdaq down 53 and the s&p 500 down 15.
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>> >> millions of college graduates, finishing school each year, but now more than ever, they graduate with a lot more than just a degree. many are leaving school strapped with huge student loan debt. federal reserve said americans now owe so much in student loans, the debt from them is more than the country's collective credit card debt. it is expected to reach a trillion dollars before the end of the year. >> >> does it seem too early to be talking turkey? if you are planning to travel, it may be too late. information on holiday fare findings. >> most surveys point to fares climbing higher as we come on one of the busiest times of the year. >> typically, it means they are a bit more expensive.
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>> if you are counting on a last-minute deal, experts say don't. the thanksgiving travel period is a short one and seats will fill up fast. >> the longer you are wait, typically, fares will go up. if they do go down, it will be slightly. >> start your search now and avoid the peak travel days of the wednesday before and the sunday after. consider alternate airports in region and connecting flights, direct nights will be more expensive. don't forget add ons when calculating your final cost. as for the absolute deadline, there isn't in. >> there is no exact dates, but sooner is always better. it's a matter of supply and demand, make sure you can get the tickets before the prices continue to go up. >> meaning the early bird probably catches the cheaper flight. for consumer watch, i'm karen jacobs. >> >> speaking of holiday, looking for the special holiday gift? luxury retailer neiman-marcus
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is out with its fantasy gift books. one of the items on the list, a fountain that moves to music. the price tag, a cool million dollar. in ang effort to reach every customer, starbucks will be offering a new lighter could haveny called the blond roast.
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let's look at the beautiful fall weather we have been experiencing. it came to an abrupt end. plenty of off again off again showers, more on the way and for how much more rain we could have. let's turn to meteorologist wyatt for more on the forecast. >> >> jaime, still wet weather out there. we'll see a drying trend pretty fast. another 12-18 hours. things will begin to change. in the


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